How to make the first step

As you know, there are so many first steps in our lives. We are starting the same things with the same enthusiasm again and again. And we are hoping, that this time it is going to be different.

This is one of that moments. Aaaad why now?  Because of new year? Why this time is going to be different? It is easy.

I had a fight with my girlfriend. 

I told her, that she can write a blog, she is worthy to do that, she can earn easy money with this and so many motivating stuffs what i read on the internet. Her answer? I have no time, i cannot write, i cant do that and so on. I told her, that its not so hard to write something on one page and she said that i can do that so…here i am.. I am writing a blog about starting my “first” step about this blog thing.


What are your first steps? What makes you make your first step?

In my opinion, there are many impulses leading us to try something new, maybe just because of fight with your girlfriend:) And thats also why i choose name Mayday/dave 🙂




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