How to enjoy life

There are so many advices to live your life fully, but what are you doing wrong, when you are not happy with your life?

I am not going to persuade you what really makes you happy, because it is really irrelevant question, but i was thinking about that when i was ice skating with my little sister.

It was second day in new year 2016 and finally it started to snow in Bratislava. What a lovely start to new year. It was two days before my final exam from software developing, so what else i could do? I have decided to go ice skating with my 7 years old sister.  And then happend something extra least for me. It was like from a scene from Sister in Act movie. Capture

More than 10 nuns appeard on ice and started to ice skating. It was to hillarious, and strange at the same time. I felt so … I dont even know how to describe that feeling. And what was really what touched me the most? They were all happy. I could feel the hapiness what shone from them. They appreciated the moment, ice skating, each others and they were all really pretty!

One of the nuns started to figure skating. It was so nice and suddenly my little sister ask her to teach her some turning figure too. Everyone was looking at them…but why? Because they did not expect to see nuns smiling and laughing and being happy about their lives. And this is what really touched me. This feeling of pure happiness shining from them.

Here you can see the whole action : Sister in Act 🙂



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